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It is with deep regret and sadness that we have been informed of the passing of the following members.



Died  26 December 2021

Bill was born on 12 March 1943 at Kilwinning, Ayrshire. His early days were spent fishing the seas around the west coast of Scotland in his father’s fishing boat. After leaving Marr College in Troon, his first job was a riveter at a boatyard, before joining RAF Halton as an airframe fitter in the 92nd Entry.

During his 3 years at Halton he became a member of the Pipe Band and played in front of royalty and many prestigious events including the Lord Mayor’s Show and The Festival of Remembrance at The Royal Albert Hall.

On graduation, Bill was posted to C. F. S. Little Rissington and during his 14 years’ service served in Cyprus, Singapore and Borneo. After leaving the RAF he worked as an engineer with commercial airlines, BA, Air France, Saudi Air and many others.

Bill was employed latterly at Aberdeen Airport maintaining and servicing helicopters used for transporting personnel to and from the oil rigs in the North Sea. He also worked in the helicopter industry in Germany and the Shetlands before having to retire after contracting lung cancer in 2008.

Over the last few years his condition became more difficult, his mobility decreased and his reliance on oxygen and drug therapy became greater. Having enjoyed Christmas, on Boxing Day he was taken to hospital where he sadly passed away.

Win Morrison (Bill’s partner for 16 years) 2022


 Died 14 March 2021


 Died 24 March 2012

After graduation Dave served  at Coningsby, Cottesmore, Sharjah, Lyneham, Brize Norton, St. Athan, and Laarbruch before returning to complete his 22 years service at Lyneham. In civilian life Dave entered the financial world as an advisor with Allied Dunbar.
 At Halton Dave was one of the first in the Entry to buy a motorbike, and many of us will remember the clandestine lock  up garage in Amersham, where we stored our bikes ready for a week-end getaway. Dave’s retained his passion for motorcycling and  was an active member of the BMW Owners Club U.K. His other interests included Public Speaking in competitions as part of Toastmasters U.K. He was a speaker at the Spiritualist Church in Swindon and visited many other venues in the South West.             


DaveAirframes Died 24 August 2017

Doug    Armament Died 14 June 2000  

Hugh (Henry) Airframes  Died 16 December 2016 

Hugh, known as “Henry” by his fellow 92nd Entry Apprentices, began his military career long before his arrival at RAF Halton when, at the age of 6, he became the Royal Marine’s Mediterranean Fleet’s Mascot and held the rank of Sergeant!  A military initiation that probably explains his razor sharp creases and glass like toe caps, as well as his sartorial elegance both in and out of uniform; his hand made Chelsea Boots were commented upon by many!  Although destined to pass out “Airframes” his sociable disposition resulted in him also becoming an “Honorary Armourer” a title of which he was very proud. 

Hugh enjoyed his RAF career spending time in the UK and overseas, including postings to Bahrain and Kuala Lumpa where he developed his passion for offshore sailing and a cool beer; normally trailed in his wake within a makeshift net.  With the opportunity for promotion beyond Sergeant limited Hugh left the RAF after some 14 years and, following a very short period as a salesman, joined Fairey Hydraulics on the Tornado project.  His work took him north to Warton where he settled.  He joined the local sailing club from where he participated in the round Britain races, took up golf; particularly enjoying his time at the 19th hole.  When work required him to return south he chose to remain in the area he considered home and moved to British Nuclear Fuels Ltd. from where he retired.  

He continued to lead an active life and became a NHS courier, a role that led him to meet Eileen whom he married in 2008. Unfortunately he was taken ill in 2012 and after a long period in nursing homes died on 16 December 2016.  Our “Henry” was buried in Lytham St Annes on 6 January 2017; befittingly beside a golf course. 

Clive Burchett    January 2017

Martin  Airframes   Died 18 April 2014

Nik  Armament  Death registered 1993

Bill  AirframeDied 4 May 2016

Bill was born in March 1942 in Cowdenbeath in Fife and joined the local Air Cadets as a teenager but followed his father, also Bill, into the nearby coal mine engineering department. I suspect he found it less than satisfactory as an apprentice...more cheap labour than anything else and swiftly applied for a proper apprenticeship in the RAF.

His time as an air cadet, like so many of us, stood him in good stead and he graduated with the entry and was posted to Waddington along with several other 92nd guys before going off to Aden in early 1965 for an unaccompanied tour.  On his return, he had his dream posting to Leuchars on 74 Sqn who promptly went off to Singapore with Bill hardly given time to be settled.

He had postings to Wyton and St Athans but managed to get back onto fast jets in Germany as well as helicopters at Gutersloh.  The bulk of his career was spent between Germany and the UK on Jaguars and Tornadoes ending up as Warrant Officer on his last squadrons and serving in the Gulf in the war.  Upon retirement, he became a civilian driver at Cottesmore where he lived with his second wife Carol.  Sadly, his last few years were marked with Alzheimer’s but he succumbed to Lung cancer. 

His funeral was marked with eulogies from his brother Jim, stepson Kye and Tom Chamberlain for the 92nd.  His first wife Grace passed away two days after Bill.  Rest in peace.

Tom Chamberlain 2016    

Keith ( Doss) Airframe  Died 23 May 2013


Jim  EnginesUnconfirmed Death Thailand

 Roy (Gaffer) Francis

Died 3 October 2020

Michael (Mik)EnginesDied 15 May 2016

Michael (Mik) was born on the 29th August 1942 in Plymouth Devon and attended Plympton Grammar school before joining RAF Halton as an engine fitter in the 92nd Entry.  During his 3 years at Halton he enjoyed most sports and also became a member of the “Strangers”, the entry rock group. On graduation he was posted to RAF  Lyneham and his air force career took him to many places at home in the UK, including the Joint Services Hovercraft Trials Unit at Lee-on-Solent and overseas including, Singapore, Bahrain, El Adam  before leaving the RAF in 1983 with the rank of Chief Technician. Mik was an accomplished artist and designed the 92nd Entry badge, a talent that later enabled him  to study to become a Technical Illustrator and Author, which was his calling until he retired in 2010.

Mik was a dedicated supporter of the entry and always enjoyed reunions and meeting up with what he always fondly called his RAF family. He was always willing to contribute to the entry, more recently writing reunion reports for the 92nd Entry website. When diagnosed with a terminal illness some months ago he faced what lay ahead with courage and humility never once losing his sense of humour. Many years ago his wife Hazel asked Mik what would he like to be remembered for; he replied “To have been a good person”. Indeed he was.  Once a friend, always a friend, “A man for all men”.

Mik will be greatly missed by his wife Hazel, daughter Natalie, three grandchildren and fellow brothers of the 92nd Entry.                                               

Hazel Frost  September 2016


Clive Trevor Medway
ArmamentDied 20 September 2013

Clive was born in Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight and after passing the RAF Halton entrance examination joined the entry as an armament fitter. Here he quickly earned the nickname “TANK” owing to his sheer physical stature. He was however, a gentle giant, principled and always willing to stand up to challenges from senior entries. After graduation his first posting was to Colerne where his armament knowledge made an impact on the Squadron commander who offered him the opportunity to move onto first line servicing. This he took which led to detachments to far-flung places such as El Adem, Cyprus, Greece and Bahrain.

After leaving the RAF in 1964, Clive joined an engineering company in Poole where he was able to utilise his keen artistic eye with drawing and calligraphy to become a draughtsman. Then after a stint as an engineer aboard the Townsend Thoresen Ferries he started his career with the Electricity Generating Board. During this time he worked in small and large power stations on the main land until he returned to the Isle of Wight to become a foreman and site supervisor at Cowes power station.

Clive’s main interest was sailing and he spent many days pottering around on the Medina and Solent in his Fox Cub yacht until he suffered a heart attack. As he encountered more severe medical trials, his positive outlook and strength often masked their serious nature. In the final few days he was admitted to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice where he passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family.

Barney Barnsley 2013


Terence (Terry)    EnginesDied 21 October 2016

Terry joined the 92nd Entry as an Engine Fitter and on graduation was posted to RAF Abingdon, he also served at RAF Bruggen during his 12 years service.  Terry had to leave the RAF in 1973 due to the No Quota policy introduced by the Defence Estimate in 1972–73. He then went into the Police Force for a couple of years and then became a newsagent for a short time. The following 24 years he was employed in security and finally he worked at a sheltered housing complex for 8 years. Terry passed away in a nursing home near Oundle after a long battle with cancer.

Ann Greetham October 2016

CharlieAirframesDeath registered 1988

Mac AirframesDied 31 December 1995      

Anthony InstrumentsDied 10 August 2017      

Larry    Armament  Died 26 October 2004

Laurie spent 8 years as an armourer serving on 56 Sqn at Waterbeach, Binbrook, Sharjah, Wattisham and 56 Sqn at Akrotiri.  His last ground tour was on bomb disposal at Llanberis before becoming aircrew flying in Shackletons and Nimrod aircraft.  His final posting was at Northwood on computer programming.  After leaving the service in 1976 Laurie worked for Mars Electronics, Douwe Egberts Coffee and a couple of water treatment companies.  Prior to his early retirement in 2003, he designed and sold reverse osmosis systems for catering applications and large hotels.  On return from months touring the USA, he took ill and was admitted to hospital where he contracted MRSA and died from the infection.

Barney Barnsley 2011

George   Armament  Died 19 July 2017

Robin ( Ginge) Instruments Died 28 August 2011

Ginge,as he was known during his time at Halton joined the 92nd Entry from RAF Locking where he was a member of the 91st Entry.  He was a talented member of the entry becoming the School Pipe Major and achieving first place in the final order of merit on Graduation. He was later commissioned and became a captain on the Argosy and Hercules fleet.  On leaving the Royal Air Force, he became a civilian airline pilot latterly flying with the Royal Brunei Airlines.  On retirement, he moved with his wife to live in Portugal.

Barney Barnsley 2011


Engines Died December 2019



Died 30 June 2018

Doug was born in Preston, Lancashire on 27th. December 1941. On graduation from Halton he joined the Airframes fraternity serving at Coningsby twice, Luqa and Bruggen. He turned his focus to NDT in 1975, taking him to Waddington and Valley.
In 1982 he entered civilian life continuing in NDT throughout the world. Doug, his wife Margaret and their two sons emigrated to Alberta, Canada to live as a family and enjoy a different lifestyle in 1988.
Throughout his life he displayed a passion for sports, especially football and 10 pin bowling. He bowled with the Phantom 5 and the RAF team.
A decision was made, to finally retire at the age of 73, but shortly afterwards he began to fight health issues.
Unfortunately it was a battle he could not win. Doug passed away on June 30th. 2018.

Margaret Mellor

Bert   Electrical  Died December 2004


Richard (Dick)


Died August 2019

John (Andy)  Armament Died 21 May 2013

Bill     Airframes      Date of death not known




Died 30 July 2021

John’s first posting after Halton along with other engine fitters Pete Randerson and “Nig” Rogers was to 36 Sqn Colerne operating Hastings. Further postings took him to Singapore on Bloodhound missiles, Germany, Thorney Island, Coningsby, back to Colerne and finally Lyneham. When instructing at the Hercules School he was known at “Gentleman John” and was always a first choice to be presented at royal visits. He was part of the crew when Prince Charles was undergoing his parachute training and was at Finningly for the Royal Review in 1977. On leaving the service he instructed on the Bae 146 at Hatfield and also at British Caledonian at Gatwick and Heathrow. He was passionate about early aviation with an amazing collection of memorabilia and books on Royal Flying Corps aircraft and was very knowledgeable. To the very end he took a keen interest in aviation related issues and delighted in chatting about the RAF.

 Vic Rice August 2021


Felix     Airframes Died  1997/98 date not known

RayAirframes  Died 28 September 2013

Ray was born in Calne, Wiltshire April 25th 1943. At the end of the war the family moved back to Gosport, Hants. Whilst at Halton Ray joined the Pipe   Band as a side drummer and had many fond memories of his time there. He was also part of the team that won 1A Wing Swimming Championship in1961.On leaving Halton his first posting was to RAF Wittering where he worked in the hydraulic bay. From there he had a years posting to Aden and back to RAF Abingdon. Ray was privileged to be selected for The Queens Flight where he served from 1967 – 1977 and was awarded the RVM (Royal Victorian Medal).
He finished his time back at Abingdon as a Chief Technician  involved with major servicing of Beverleys. Civilian life took a bit of getting used to and after a variety of jobs Ray eventually settled into working in Quality Control for various engineering firms in the Gosport area.
Joining the RAF Halton Apprentices Ass and The Queens Flight Ass Ray met up again with old friends and had many a happy hour with these               Associations. One of the most memorable being the Dedication of the 92nd Entry window on 2nd April 2005. Like so many ex Brats the training and           comradeship at RAF Halton stood him in good stead for the rest of his life.  
Ray will always be remembered whenever the Black Bear is played !!!

Christine Corner Nov 2013

Len Airframes     Died 26 May 2015

Len sadly passed away after a long illness aged 72. He finally retired from the Airforce after a long and distinguished career in June 1997. During his service his talent and dedication was recognized with 3 AOC’s Commendations and promotion to the rank of Warrant Officer.

An airframe fitter by trade, Len was one of these great characters who on retirement from the service just enjoyed tinkering about his extended garage/den making or repairing just about anything that came his way. He was also a great fisherman, so whenever he was not in his den or the greenhouse tending his tomato plants he could be found somewhere on the Norfolk coast with his rods. For many years he was a staunch member of his church in Swaffham, he was also involved in his local community as a member of the local RBL branch and Poppy Appeal organization. Always an avid ‘Brat’ supporter he attended many of our reunions until health issues prevented him from actively taking part.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, especially his wife Christine, his two daughters, five grandchildren, wider family and friends.

Paul Snook      June 2015

John (Toby)ArmamentDied 22 December 2016 

Roger    ArmamentDied 5 June 2013

Roger was one of the 3 Sergeant Aircraft Apprentices in the entry and was a Squadron Commander on the graduation parade. He was posted to Finningley on graduation and served at Marham, Muharraq, Linton-on Ouse, St Athan, Leuchars, Valley and Church Fenton during his 22 years service. After leaving the RAF in 1983, Roger became a financial adviser until ill health forced him to take early retirement in 1998. However, he continued to enjoy life and followed his passion for walking an interest that was nurtured at Halton during the annual Ten Tors Competition. Scouting was also a large part of his life and he was involved in the movement during and after leaving the RAF. Roger was very supportive of entry activities and was largely responsible for the installation of the entry window in St Georges Church RAF Halton     
 Barney Barnsley 2013


Raymond (Ray)


Died 15 October 2019

FredAirframes Died 23 July 2013

Fred was born in Wigan, Lancashire in October 1941. His family moved to Corby, Northamptonshire where his father worked in the local steel mill. During his time at Halton, he was a member of the Corps of Trumpeters and in 1961 or thereabouts was promoted to LAA. Fred finished high enough up the order of merit to qualify for accelerated promotion to Corporal. On graduation he was posted to 12 Sqn RAF Coningsby staying with the squadron when they moved to RAF Cottesmore. During this time he met and married his wife Vivian who came from Skegness. They has three children 2 boys and one girl. He was then posted to RAF Salalah, Arabian Gulf where it is believed he spent most of his time in the armoury servicing .303 rifles. Very industrious our Fred, with not too many aircraft to see to. On return to the UK he was posted to RAF Cranwell, where he was involved in creating and maintaining training aids for the cadets. Fred left the RAF in 1971 and almost immediately emigrated to Australia. He settled in Sydney, NSW and worked for QANTAS servicing cabin equipment and brake units. After a few years he relocated to Adelaide where his parents and sister lived. He worked for a time for a company making buses, "tin bashing" at its best. After a few more years he took a job working for Santos Oil on pipeline maintenance in the remote part of outback Australia at a site near the conjunction of South Australia, Northern Territories and Queensland borders. He was one of the original fly-in, fly-out workers. He remained there until his retirement. Fred always had a strong interest in railway technology and spent many holdays travelling the length and breadth of the USA, Europe and UK

Brian Williams Perth Western Australia 2013


RonArmament  Died 13 July 2003

Reg  Airframes  Death registered 1994

Mac   EnginesDied 14 February 2009

Died 12 August 1999


Michael Williams known as “Willy” was initially posted to RAF Lyneham. He applied and succeeded in becoming a Flight Engineer based at RAF Benson on Argosys. As they were phased out he was posted to RAF Brize Norton on Belfasts. These were also phased out and he left the Air Force and joined Heavy Lift Airlines operating those aircraft.

The Air Force became short of Flight Engineers and Willy was asked to rejoin the Air Force operating VC 10s. This he did completing his service to the age of 55years.
He returned to operating Belfast’s for Heavylift Airlines. On the 12 August 1999 Willy suffered a massive heart attack at home and was found dead by his wife. The funeral service was held on the 20August 1999 locally and attended by many old friends and colleagues with the culmination of a fly-past by a VC10.

Bob Swann 2013